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All the information of Season 6 of Clash Royale

All the information of Season 6 of Clash Royale

Ready for Season 6 of Clash Royale? If you are not, it is better that you are because Clashvidad has come with new events, new card, three new aspects of towers and much more. So stay with us because We tell you all the information about Season 6 of Clash Royale.

If you are one of those who have refused to pay 5.49 euros for the Pass Royale, we recommend you read until the end, because Clashvidad will make you think twice. This Season 6 comes with many rewards They will help you get all the cards in the game.

What to bring Season 6 of Clash Royale?

The spirit of Christmas takes over Season 6 of Clash Royale. Clashvidad has arrived with many gifts to surprise us. The legendary arena changes completely and now, although it resembles sand 8, the Christmas decorations completely surround it.

Tower exclusive aspects

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In the beginning, the novelty of this Season 6 is that you will have a free tower look, which is the snow you see on the right. If you pay for the battle pass you can unlock the tower you see on the left at the 10th mark. The free tower can unlock it at the 23rd mark.

Also, stay tuned to the store because You can buy the look of the Ginger Tower. This aspect turns the tower into a Christmas cookie. However, they have not yet talked about how much to cost and when to be available.

Curandera Guerrera: the new Clash Royale card

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Although we have already spoken to you about the Warrior Healer, in Clashvidad it is when to be available. The only thing you need to do to unlock it is win in the event of the Warrior Healer from December 23 to 27.

Also, just for this month, by unlocking it, the Healer Warrior being at the same level as your King's Tower ready to heal your troops. Something really important to try many mallets with her.

Special events

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The Clash Royale World Championship is also ongoing and, although we are already talking about Fantasy Royale, Clashvidad will reward you with the free gesture for participating in this Fantasy.

In addition to the event of the Warrior Healer, the day December 23 will have a special event, so watch out for that.