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10 YouTube channels to learn to cook

We do not discover anything if we affirm that the kitchen is one of the most widespread hobbies in the world, helped by the amount of television programs, specialized magazines, web pages, radio programs, newspaper sections and, of course, YouTube channels to learn to cook.

In that same we are going to stop in this article. In those YouTube channels that will teach us to cook from the most complicated recipes to the simplest ones.

To make rich and tasty dishes you don't have to be a chef in the kitchen, you just have to feel like learning.

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This is something that shows all the channels that we are going to present to you since we have from professional people who dedicate their lives to it, to the more traditional cuisine like that of our grandmothers.

Kitchen Channel

Surely you already know the Kitchen Channel, which is present on the main television platforms in Spain, and that is a TV channel which is dedicated exclusively to everything kitchen related.

Apart from their television channel they also have a YouTube channel where you can watch program summaries, recipes, episodes of programs and everything that from Canal Cocina consider interesting to appear on YouTube.

Alberto Chicote

He popular chef and TV host of spaces with as much success as Nightmare in the kitchen or Top Chef, Alberto Chicote, also has its own YouTube channel.

In this channel you will have Multiple recipes cooked by Chicote himself alone or accompanied by the odd person, sometimes famous guests.

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