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Xbox Series X: as is Microsoft's new video game console to compete with the PS5

How to look like the Xbox Series X console

Xbox Series X, Microsoft today revealed the name and the appearance of its next
video game console, available for the purpose of
2020, and so far known as
Project Scarlett

New console has a cube-shaped design, can be used lying down or standing and, depending on the company, has
four times the computing capacity of the Xbox One X; Being able to generate 4K video at 60 frames per second, others at 120 frames per second and also 8K content.

The video presentation of the new Xbox Series X


The company gave some more definitions of its hardware: it will have a chip based on the design of the AMD Zen 2 and Radeon RDNA graphics, maintaining compatibility with current models, and
Like the PlayStation 5 (which also arrives in 2020) use SSD storage instead of traditional hard drives, to increase the loading speed of game data. Like Sony, it promises to offer advanced ray tracing in its games (a technique to calculate the reflection of one object in another in a dynamic way).

Also new gamepad

According to Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox at Microsoft, the next console will achieve about 12 teraflops of graphical computation (12 billion operations with floating point per second; it's a way to measure the performance of a processor); The current Xbox One X reaches 6 teraflops. Being, says the company, the most powerful in the market.

The company also revealed a new wireless controller (Xbox Wireless Controller), compatible with current Xbox One and with Windows 10, and which has the lowest latency in the market, according to the company, and is designed to fit all types of hands (from adults and children) and for streaming content (
with its video game service in the cloud, xCloud, in the style of Google Stadia).

Rumors also indicate that there will be two models, and not one, will be put on sale by Microsoft at the end of the next year.


. Xbox Series X: this is Microsoft's new video game console to compete with the PS5 – LA NACION