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Why the zeppelines can be the solution to the congested and pollutant transport areo

I disgraced ed decades ago because of a series of accidents, zeppelins, equipped with new technologies and designs, estn going to sail into the air. But how are these so-called "flying whale"? Source: Archive

zeppelins the skies fly in
Dark matterThe pica trilogy of novels by Philip Pullman fantsticas. These giant aircraft in the parallel universe of books, are responsible for sending mail, transport soldiers into battle and also to explore the Arctic.

What once was my local post office in Oxford, Pullman's novels is a station of
zeppelines (also known as targetable) where I can take a night flight to London. But when I leave aside the fiction of his books, the reality is quite disappointing.

Pequeos few and dirigibles flying proudly over the United States promoting companies like Goodyear, Carnival Cruise or T-Mobile. A few other tourists used to walk in panormicos trips on the fields of Germany. And another can be found flying over the Amazon. Ah it ends.

The good news is that the real world can soon resemble the fantasy of Pullman. And if all goes well, from here four or five years,
one of the first models Airlander, the huge zeppelin I hybrid dubbed "flying dirigible" being the first aircraft to fly over the North Pole since 1928.

Current airships are used mainly for advertising purposesCurrent airships are used mainly for advertising purposes Credit: Shutterstock

Man and woman on board IRN are not explorers, but tourists have paid a luxury experience $ 80,000. But
Airlander Do not fly alone. Around the same time, a vast aircraft be alzndose also about the heat and humidity of Jingmen, China.

His work be to carry heavy objects in one of the most difciles places of the planet. And it is that manufacturers have high ambitions for this new era of aviation. In fact, they expect that in the next ten years there are about 15 of these aircraft floating around the world.

Paralysis industry

In the history books,
Hindenburg accident in 1937 marks the end of a short stage of zeppelins, but the truth is that it was not so. US Navy continu using airships to attack submarines during World War II.

So zeppelin Hindenburg caught fire in 1937


And Corporacin of Airships US (The American Blimp Corporation, in English) fabric these aircraft to use as advertising. In Germany, on the other hand, the company Zeppelin aircraft remained high tech building. Many engineers and pilots have developed a theory that there is no race.

Much of these projects failed because of exaggerated ambitions, insufficient funding or being led by visionaries when people really needed more pragmatic.

The fact that this technology shall be so embryonic that provoc been ignored. The challenge of building giant aircraft infravalor. However, today's manufacturers estn determined to do things differently.

The back of a Airlander 10The back of an Airlander 10 Credit: Shutterstock

A new age

The Airlander is a creation of hybrid vehicles Air (HAV, for its acronym in English) founded in 2007 by the pioneer in aeronautics Roger Munk british.

The technological center of HAV is hidden and isolated in an industrial area on the outskirts of Bedford, one hour north London. Inside this room is the module load the Airlander prototype, an full of electronic devices used in the last test flight.