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Update the Moto Z3 weather widget

Today, the new Motorola high-end device was presented, unveiling the third generation of the Z family which has been a success in our country and in many more thanks to the good quality and fair price.

This Motorola terminal comes with several changes in terms of interface as well as aesthetically but now we will focus on something that you will surely love since we bring you the official widget of this smartphone.

This application was officially removed from the device, so it is original and installed as an update, if you have a Motorola 2017 or 2018, you can install this without any problem since only the widget application that comes by default will be updated.

In fact, this does not have many new features, although it is appreciated that it is more fluid at the time of using it as well as it adapts perfectly when using it, just simply download the application in the link that we will leave you, install it on your device And it's time to enjoy this official update.

Download here