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Toshiba launches new SSD hard drives

Toshiba has launched two new solid state disk models (SSD), encompassed within the new Q300 range.

Toshiba's new models, inventor of Flash memories, are the Q300 Pro, with 2-bit-per-cell Flash NAND technology and aimed at professional users and high-end computing devices, and the Q300, based on the new technology 3 -bit-per-cell Flash NAND and suitable to replace traditional hard drives in all types of hardware. Both share a 19 nm1 structure and a Toshiba SSD controller, which allows you to optimize your performance by including advanced features such as support for zeroing of Trim and Native Command Queuing orders.

The new Q300 Pro SSD has been developed thinking of video game players, graphic and audiovisual creators, professional users and, in general, for technology enthusiasts who want to have the components with greater performance and reliability. The new album offers the best relationship between processing speed and energy consumption in the market and incorporates Adaptive Size SLC Write and MLC cach technologies, to store 2-bit per cell, a read-only mode, read management, thermal control and QSBC ECC. They are available in 128, 256 and 512 GB versions.

For its part, the Q300 model is designed for upgrade of desktops and laptops to SSD technology. It also incorporates Adaptive Size SLC Write cache technology and a read-only mode, as well as the new 3-bit-per-cell flash technology, capable of storing three bits per cell. This model is available in 120, 240, 480 and 960 GB versions.

The new SSD disk models will be available since september with the following prices:Internal SSD Q300: 79 euros (120 GB), 119 euros (240 GB), 199 euros (480 GB) and 399 euros (960 GB) andInternal SSD Q300 Pro: 119 euros (128 GB), 159 euros (256 GB) and 279 euros (512 GB)

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