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Three alternatives to the Google translator to translate from your mobile

Few applications will be more useful when traveling to another country than a Good translator. Perhaps a map application will approach you in utility, even if with the translator you can make yourself understood to reach the sites. And what is the application par excellence when installing a system capable of translating between different languages? He Google translator or Google Translate.

It is not an application that comes standard on Android no matter how complicated it is to download it. It is free, it has a huge amount of translation tools, is able to translate text in real time, also from a photograph … And it can work without an Internet connection, very useful when you are in another country without data connection.

We agree: the Google translator It is a 100% recommended application if you want to know what it says in another language. Of course, it is not the only one since there are other options. What does not convince you to use the company's Android applications? Let's see how to solve the translations without losing benefits along the way.

Microsoft Translator

Escape the Google translator with these alternatives for your mobile

It is the clearest choice when we look for a Google Translate alternative: The Microsoft translator is not only up to its rival, it also offers advanced options and is updated with news to a greater extent than the Google translator. Just try the Microsoft app to not return to Google. Well, at least the return will raise serious doubts.

The fundamental thing is that the Microsoft translator It has great efficiency translating and does it without too many mistakes. The language is natural enough, at least in the languages ​​we have used (Spanish / English).

Microsoft offers three basic functions: text, voice and photo translation. With them it is possible to translate between languages ​​by simply selecting the target language: the translator automatically detects the source language. Speak and let Microsoft translate in real time, write and will do the same, take a photo and it will overprint the translated text … Its operation is excellent. AND also translates offline since it allows downloading languages ​​to the phone.

One last functionality introduced in the application is the use of Conversations. With them, anyone can connect to an ongoing conversation to receive interventions translated into the language they understand best. It is an option that does not have the Google translator and it is worth it if you usually hold meetings with people from different backgrounds.

SayHi Translation

Escape the Google translator with these alternatives for your mobile

Leaving the big two, Google and Microsoft translatorIt is difficult to find applications that really solve most translations, both in voice and text. One of those apps is SayHi, a tool focused on real-time translation of conversations that also allows you to translate text. Both the range of available languages ​​and the ease of use it has make SayHi a very good alternative to Google translator, also to Microsoft.

He SayHi translator offers translation for spoken languages ​​and also for writings. Its interface resembles messaging applications like WhatsApp: say what you want, or write it down, so that the application returns the translated message while you recite it in the selected language. It has no added options like its two brand opponents, but the truth is that It works great translating text and voice. You can paste what you want as a message and translate lots of words. Or make smaller sentences.

SayHi It needs connection to work since each phrase is sent to the servers to translate them. It is a free application and lacks advertising, also in-app purchases.


Escape the Google translator with these alternatives for your mobile