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This is the best way to locate your iPhone from the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch arrived to completely revolutionize the mode of wearables, until then dominated by sports watches and little else. The evolution of this device, which in September has made the leap to its fifth generation, never ceases to surprise. Your health options, the possibility of making payments from or even calls if we have an LTE version, make The most demanded and desired watch. And not because we say so, the figures leave no doubt.

And among the most well-known utilities of the Apple Watch is the one of being able to locate our iPhone. How many times have you left it silent and can't find it? You try not to make noise and make a call from another mobile or landline. As you do not get it, you open "Search my iPhone" from the computer and play a sound. You breathe relieved.


And as you know, it is something you can do from your Apple Watch if you swipe from the home screen from bottom to top. Right next to the battery percentage You find a symbol of an iPhone as in vibration. If you press, the iPhone emits a sound and you can locate it shortly after you put some effort. It doesn't matter if you have to repeat it several times, you always find it under the sofa cushion mountain.

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This is the best way to locate your iPhone from the Apple Watch

Well, we have a trick that completes this well-known and that can make you locate your Apple Watch Be many simpler, simpler and faster.Do you want to know what it is? Very easy, do not miss rope and discover the solution to all your problems.

To do this you have to do the same, press the button you find next to the icon of the percentage of the battery. But we recommend that you make a long press, because although the sound remains the same, there is a novelty. What is it? That the flash of the camera of your iPhone is activated and blinks. Isn't it something really interesting? Of course, because many times we have to look for the iPhone in a dark room. Or the sound does not help much, because although it gives an orientation, it does not end up being enough.

start screen

By activating the flash we make finding the device much faster. What is on top of a shelf? There you go. Between the sheets? No problem, The flash is in this case your ally. We are sure that you do not know this trick, so from now on you can start using it. It becomes a must!

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Why Apple Watch is such an interesting gadget

Looking forward to Christmas, are you thinking of increasing the collection? Do you want to buy an Apple Watch and you are not at all convinced? Don't worry, maybe we can help you decide. It is a device that once you have it it becomes a must, but we have prepared a dialogue so that from now on the purchase decision does not generate so many doubts.

  • It combines functionality and design like no other device.
  • It is the perfect complement to your iPhone, exploit its possibilities to the fullest.
  • If you decide to buy one with a cellular connection, you can leave the iPhone with ease at home if you are going to lower the trash or to the supermarket.
  • It has a lot of accessories such as straps, there are cheap alternatives that make you feel the sensation of brand new phone very often.
  • The battery life has improved and you can fully spend the day with a full charge.
  • It is very resistant, no protector is needed to protect it and thus do not break the design.
  • Once you try to pay from it, you forget about physical cards or paar with the iPhone.
  • Monitor your health actively.
  • At night you can put it on a beautiful stand and have a desktop clock.
  • All brands go to Apple trailer, yes, also on the subject of watches. Do not look for imitations and go for the authentic.
  • The number of spheres available for free means that you can change them according to your mood or tastes.

We continue? Because it is a purchase that is amortized from minute 1 and that has a good outlet in the second-hand market. What are you waiting for to have your Apple Watch?