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These are the new accessories for the Mac Pro and its stratospheric price

Mac Pro

Yesterday Apple finally officially launched the Mac Pro along with the Pro Display XDR screen and we have already been able to see the first impressions of the lucky ones who have been able to test the new devices. But the new Mac and the new Apple screen have not arrived alone, too they are accompanied by a large number of accessories, some Apple officers and others from third parties.

All these accessories are already available in the Apple Store and you can buy them together with the new Mac Pro, yes, as long as your wallet allows it, keep in mind that they are not cheap at all.

The Mac Pro arrives with new accessories

Some of these accessories we already know, such as the famous “Pro Stand” that costs more than an iPhone 11. We have accessories available in the Apple Store from 49.95 euros to more than 7,000 euros:

Official Apple Accessories for the Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR:

  • Pro Stand: 1,099 euros.
  • VESA mounting adapter: 219 euros.
  • Apple Afterburner Card: 2,400 euros.
  • Radeon Pro Vega II for the MPX Module: 3,360 euros.
  • Radeon Pro Vega II Duo for the MPX Module: 6,720 euros.
  • RAM memory kit, from 16 to 256 GB: from 480 to 7,200 euros.

pro stand

Third-party accessories for the Mac Pro:

  • Belkin padlock adapter for Mac Pro: 49.95 euros.
  • Belkin auxiliary power cable kit for Mac Pro: 64.95 euros.
  • Logitech Pro Magnetic 4K webcam: 199.95 euros.
  • Promise Pegasus R4i 32 TB Promise for the MPX module – Mac Pro: 2,496.80 euros.
  • Promise Pegasus J2i 8 TB internal storage for the Mac Pro: 437.75 euros.

In addition to these accessories, the external eGPUs that we already have available for other Apple computers are also compatible with the new Mac Pro.

As we see we have many accessories available and most of them have a price equivalent to that of the new Mac Pro and the Pro XDR panel, although it must be taken into account that these are teams for professionals and not for common users.

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