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There are already two Pokmon Shiny in Pokmon GO for Android

Among the curiosities of the Pokémon world are the Shiny Pokémon, which are nothing more than normal Pokémon with different colors. Something like a collector's edition.

In the last hours we have echoed the news related to the Niantic game in collaboration with Nintendo (through Pokémon Company). In the early hours of yesterday we told you what the novelties were to get 7 pokeparadas and a little later we explained what the new event was.

This new celloration, centered on water Pokémon, is what has led to a curious discovery that was expected but has not been officially announced.

There are already two Shiny Pokémon in Pokémon GO

Shiny Pokémon arrive

As you know there are hundreds of creatures in this world, each with its form, powers and name, but also with its own color. However there are variations in this last parameter, giving rise to those known as Pokémon Shiny.

Well, those Pokémon have reached the mobile version, specifically Magikarp and Gyrados that we can capture in extravagant colors.

The first we will see in gold instead of its salmon orange color (very own) and the marine giant instead of blue we can capture it in red.

It may be interesting to look for them when the Pokémon exchange is activated with the users who are close to us to negotiate with these curious specimens.

And if in the area where you are you have no places with water where you can find them you can entertain with Super Mario Run, which as you know came out yesterday 22 and we recommend that you at least try.