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The launch of the Redmi K30 triggers the price of Xiaomi shares

redmi k30 shoots xiaomi actions

In case you didn't know, Xiaomi's actions had been stagnant for some time. Who has invested their money in them, probably was a little confused until now. Why? Because the Launch of the Redmi K30 has triggered the price of Xiaomi shares.

The arrival on the market of this mobile, with very good specifications and at a striking price, was key for Xiaomi shares to rise in price. However, there are other factors that also made this possible.

Xiaomi shares start to rise

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As you can see in the image on these lines, Xiaomi shares began to rise from December 10. Why? Because that day the launch of the Redmi K30 took place.

Thanks to this, this week has been key for Xiaomi share value increases by 8.47%. Without a doubt, it is very good news for those who have invested their money in the popular Chinese company.

On the other hand, it is necessary to highlight that the entry of the Mi Note 10 in Japan has also been a determining factor for Xiaomi shares to increase their value. We are talking about a phone, which with its 108 MP camera, will make good competition to Apple. This will be available from December 16 in the Asian country for a price of 52800 yen, about 438 euros to change. A mobile much cheaper than Apple's flagships and with everything you need to deal with them.

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The repurchase of Xiaomi shares by the company has also influenced the rise. When a company makes a share buyback, it is because they trust their own company and believe they will have a good value in the future. When the shares rise in price, the value of the company and the profits of those who risked investing also rise.

It is not known if tomorrow will raise or lower the price of Xiaomi shares. But Xiaomi came to the bag with a value that doubles what it currently has. Then it fell by half and now a remarkable rise has begun.

And t Do you think the actions will continue to rise or that they will stagnate again?

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