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The foldable phone with Microsoft with Android

Surface duo

For months there were rumors about Microsoft's plans to launch a folding phone to the market. A launch that has been made official, in large part, in today's American firm event. As The company has presented the Surface Duo officially. It is a folding phone, which comes with Android as an operating system.

Surface Duo is a double screen device, which is undoubtedly one of the firm's bets in this field. It is presented as an experimental telephone, in fact it is not ready to arrive yet, but with which Microsoft makes its return to the field of telephones. An interest bet.

Betting on innovation

Surface duo

This Surface Duo is a fairly small phone in size. Many media call it foldable, although at the same time it is not really a folding phone, but it has two joined panels. They are two panels of 5.6 inches in size, joined by hinges. An important element in this case is that the two panels have the ability to rotate 360 ​​degrees. Which increases the chances of using the device.

Although Microsoft itself has not confirmed it yet, several media already point to The processor used is Snapdragon 855. So it is a high-end phone, where we can expect great power. In addition, you have to keep in mind that this phone wants to be oriented to productivity and to be able to perform several tasks at the same time. Therefore, it requires a processor that is powerful and of good performance.

Microsoft has barely shared details about this Surface Duo. From what has been seen in this case, there are no rear cameras in it. It has only opted for a sensor for the selfie in it. Although being oriented primarily to work, the camera does not seem to be an aspect of such relevance in this signature device. We do not have details about how the front camera of the phone is, about its MP or functions that would be in it.

What has been seen is that this Surface Duo arrives with compatibility with the pencils or pens of other models in the Surface range. What will allow you to take notes or do actions using the pencil at all times. As for the operating system, the models that have been shown now use Android Pie, in addition to having Google applications present. Microsoft's own applications, such as Office, OneDrive, Edge and many more are also introduced in the same. Tools that in many cases are necessary and very comfortable when working.


Surface duo

Microsoft has said that This device is currently a product in development. It is the main reason why they have left us with so few details about this Surface Duo in the event. Since it is still possible that there are changes in its specifications, since the firm is still working on it. They have not shared much more data in this case. Although we know more or less when we can expect it to reach the market.

As Microsoft said in this event, it is expected that Surface Duo reaches the market by the end of 2020 officially. So we have to wait a year until it will launch, if there are no delays or changes of plans by the American company on this device. There is also no data on a possible price, although it can be clearly established that the price would be higher than 1,000 euros, but we will have to wait for confirmation from the company.

We will be attentive these months so that we know more about what they will leave us with this device, which promises to be very innovative and is also Microsoft's return to the field of mobile phones.

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