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The Battle of Clans arrives at Clash Royale

The Battle of Clans will be available from Friday, March 24, it is the new type of game that will revolutionize Clash Royale.

A few weeks ago we met how the new update of Clash Royale would be, what surprised us most in the Sneak Peaks was the Battle of Clans, a new game mode in which we would join a fellow clan to fight 2 opponents of another clan.

The SUPERCELL boys changed the rules of the game in this way, a game that until now had been lonely to make it collaborative. This same Friday begins the Battle of Clans with a clan chest and we are looking forward to trying it.

Now the clan chests will alternate between the normal chest and the clan battle chest, one every week.

How to play the Battle of Clans?

battle of clans

From tomorrow we will find in the tab of Social the Clan Battle Chest available, from the clan chat you can request that a partner join you to fight or you can also join a partner who is looking for an ally.

The Clan Battle Chest will be filled with victories instead of crowns, this and that the mode of departure is 2 against 2 are the main differences with the chest of the clan.

As you see in the image above everyone will play with their own deck and share sand, the visual difference with respect to the normal games is that there are two towers of the king. To win the game you will have to combine not only decks but also play style and to help you in this you will be able to know a little bit before your partner's deck and the card that your ally is going to throw in the arena, it appears with an animation in the same.

In the battle of clans you play with tournament rules, this means that the cards will have the maximum level of the rules:

  • Maximum tower level of the king: 9
  • Maximum level of common cards: 9
  • Maximum level of special cards: 7
  • Maximum level of epic cards: 4
  • Maximum level of legendary cards: 1
  • Extra time: 3 minutes

Decks for the Battle of Clans

battle of clans

The first thing we have to keep in mind is that we play two so we would have to combine both decks to defend practically everything and have a powerful attack. The first of the mallets is a defensive mallet with the infernal tower, the lightning, the launcher, electric wizard, minions, discharge, skeletons and noble giant.

The only attack card is the noble giant although we can get to combine it with the launcher behind, the minions or the electric wizard and if they arrive they will do a lot of damage to the rival.

Your partner would have to have a mallet that matches this one, such as: skeleton gravestone, trunk, mirror, rocket, elite barbarians, infernal dragon, executioner, ice magician and fury. This deck is more offensive with elite barbarians combined with fury as the main attack when the opponent is under elixir or has no buildings that can stop them.