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The 3 best remote desktop client applications for Android

Remote Desktop applications allow users to remotely access their computers from anywhere in the world through the Internet or within a local intranet connection. This ability to access the resources of a remote PC without the need to carry any additional storage hardware makes these applications special and worthy. There are many remote desktop clients on Google Play. Here are 3 best remote desktop clients on the Android platform for Windows and Mac users.

1. Splashtop 2 Remote Desktop

With the award-winning Splashtop 2 application, you can use your Windows or Mac computer with your Android phone or tablet. You can access your PC through the local network or anywhere over the Internet. You can reach up to 5 PCs using the splashtop account. The application also offers streaming high-quality videos, 3D games or flash games on the remote desktop client and PC. The connection between the client and the PC is secure through 256-bit AES encryption. The application is free and has in app purchases.

Developer: Splashtop

Availability: Free on Google Play, when shopping for available applications.

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2. Remote desktop client

Xtralogic Remote Desktop Client allows you to connect a Windows computer via the Internet from a mobile device. The application can be connected using the RDP and VNC protocols. The application comes with a lot of features, support for 8 multi-touch fingers, multitasking, file transfer between SD card and remote computer, etc. The paid version of the application is available on Google Play.

Developer: Xtralogic Inc

Availability: Paid on Google Play

3. Microsoft Remote Desktop

Microsoft Remote Desktop allows you to connect to your Windows PC using any Android phone or tablet. You can access remote resources through the gateway of the remote desktop, the application is compatible with RDP and RemoteFX and with multiple Windows gestures. The connection is secured by NLA technology. The application also supports high quality video and sound transmission. The application is completely free on Google Play.