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Super Mario Run now available for Android, describe it from Google Play

After three months of the launch for iOS, Super Mario Run is now available for Android. Download the Nintendo game from the Google Play Store.

Nintendo has been enjoying success for a few months, both in its console and mobile games division. Oddly enough, the company finally opened to smartphones moving some of its franchises to mobile screens. Pokémon, the Miis With Miitomo, Fire Emblem and, of course, Super Mario Run. It took to arrive, but finally we can enjoy it on Android.

Nintendo's star mobile game lands on Android coinciding with the second version. Super Mario Run 2.0: what we had seen on iOS with news that improve the free part of the game. You know: three free levels and full title for 9.99 euros; Purchase that is associated with your Nintendo account to unlock the game regardless of the platform.

The wait is over: Super Mario Run already in the Google Play Store

Super Mario Run comes to Android: download the latest Nintendo game

It has not been excessive surprise since we knew the concrete launch date on Android, but that is no excuse for not running to download the game. There are no differences in aesthetic appearance compared to the version for iPhone and other iOS devices: Super Mario Run for Android mobiles maintains the Super Mario Bros style on WiiU by changing the controls to those of an Endless Run game.

You know: Mario will not stop running at any time. And your only job will be to press the screen to execute jumps. Only? Yes and no: you must chain jumps, jump platforms, dodge the mythical enemies of Mario … And, above all, the most fun is find all the secrets obtaining with it the maximum scores.

It may seem boring or monotonous, but nothing is further from reality: Nintendo perfectly combines Mario's universe with Endless Run mechanics to get a title made 100% for smartphones that, however, leave the feeling of playing on console. It's very short, at least if you're looking to just pass the game. And that, considering that it costs almost 10 euros, some interest remains.

Free for the first screens and with a huge purchase for the full game

There are no surprises: Nintendo maintains identical strategy to the one already seen in iOS. Without that it means nothing bad if you appreciate Super Mario Run: you have more than an hour of play with the free levels just to get them 100% off, more than any freemium game that you download to try.

Super Mario Run for Android It is at an excellent level, at least on mobile phones where we have tried it. You can download it from the following link to the Google Play Store. And if the download does not appear, the Apk is now available in Apk Mirror. Of course: the game has problems with some ROMs and also with the ROOT.