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Samsung introduce new Multiroom 360 wireless speakers

IFA 2015 set the stage for Samsung show to new members of its range of Multiroom 360 speakers, equipped with a new touch user interface where you can slide and drag the elements. Added to this, improvements in Samsung Multiroom app for use with smartphones, tablets and smartwatches.

Is about Samsung Multiroom 360R5, R3 and R1 models, wireless speakers with omnidirectional soundthat will be available in the markets of the United States and Europe in the last quarter of 2015, with a price that ranges between 199 dollars and 399 dollars.

South Korean sources have contributed the data, also pointing out that the Samsung Multiroom 360R5, R3 and R1 add to the R7 and R6 speakers that have received excellent critics in the market, and offer great quality, balanced sound and premium design, which gives them It allows to fit perfectly in any home.

As far as other speaker attributes are concerned, Multiroom 360 has been known to have the same as its predecessors – they have the Ring Radiator technology developed by the company, which guarantees sharpness and clarity of sound.

Now, about the interface mentioned at the beginning, in addition to being a novelty with respect to the R7 and R6 models, it has been known that it allows the user to increase or decrease the volume, to play, pause or change songs with a Gently touch or slide your fingers on the top of the speaker.

About the Samsung Multiroom app for Android and iOS – it has been updated for smartphones and tablets making it easy to share music through devices connected to WiFi throughout the home. In addition, it offers the possibility to easily find and choose the favorite music, create playlists from a single screen and also run with the Samsung Gear S, as well as with the company's next smartwatch.

The functionality of the smartwatch includes the immediate control of music playback and volume, in addition to searching for songs and playlists, have illustrated Samsung spokespersons, also highlighting that users can – with a simple touch on their smartwatch – see the screen in playback and access the list of available speakers.

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that Samsung has collaborated with Qobuz, so that its streaming services are available on Samsung Multiroom 360 audio devices: The alliance demonstrates Samsung's commitment to offer consumers, wherever they are, the best possible sound experience, those of South Korea have pointed out.

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