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Pixel 3 VS camera iPhone XS camera

The latest high-end smartphone developed by Google, the Pixel 3, is well known for the great madness they have achieved with their 12.2 MP rear camera with just one sensor.

Perhaps the most famous feature is the image processing that it has for taking pictures in low-light environments and with good reason.

Recently the Google’s Vice President of Product Marketing, Marvin Chow, He flaunted the Pixel camera on his Twitter account by making a comparison that no Apple fan and the iPhone XS would like to look at. And is that the cameras of the iPhone are usually quite good, but one of the points that still hurts a lot is the taking of photographs with poor lighting in the environment despite having a double sensor.

Obviously we cannot judge the Tweet more than as a heavy joke and result of the great competition between these companies. In the end, the last choice is our users because anyone who worked in a company would say that their smartphone is the best even if it was not. What did you think? What are you staying with? Let us know in the comments box your opinion about it.

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