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OGWhatsApp, a WhatsApp mod with extra functions

OGWhatsApp is among the best whatsapp mods, those versions modified by users to include all kinds of extra functions, from greater privacy to new designs for instant messaging application.

Thanks to OGWhatsApp we have a alternative to WhatsApp Plus on Android, the popular unofficial version that ended up because of the pressures of the company. OGWhatsApp took over, first developed by Osama Ghareeb, who left the project in 2015.

Currently, the best option is OGWhatsApp Pro, by AlexMods, which has included many extras, and also goes updating with the new functions WhatsApp incorporates into your application.

In OGWhatsApp there are many privacy options, for example, hide the famous blue WhatsApp check until we send a response to that contact. Also a notice of Availability, to know when other people are online:

Image - OGWhatsApp, a WhatsApp mod with extra functions

Also at a visual level we will have a lot of customization, because OGWhatsApp allows you to change all the details: colors, type of letters, icons, size of the elements … Or download a predesigned theme, to choose from a wide variety.

We will find simple themes, which are limited to changing the main color, or are inspired by other known apps, but also very different themes from the original, with a lot of color, as in these examples:

Image - OGWhatsApp, a WhatsApp mod with extra functions

OGWhatsApp, main functions

The benefits of OGWhatsApp are many, and it will take us long to take advantage of it since we install it until we know them all, but these are the special features What else stand out:

  1. Interface customization: fonts, colors, icons, notifications, emoji design …
  2. Download themes from the integrated store.
  3. Notice when contacts are online.
  4. It prevents us from going online (or always shows us online).
  5. View states without the other user knowing and view deleted states.
  6. Send the double blue check only after answering the messages.
  7. Hide the photos, videos and GIFs received from the mobile gallery.
  8. I send GIFs from another source (Tenor instead of Giphy).
  9. Allows you to send higher quality photos.
  10. I send photos from a search engine in conversations.
  11. Do not disturb mode (disconnect WhatsApp from the data).
  12. Widget to activate and deactivate that we appear online.
  13. It works independently to WhatsApp (allows two numbers to be carried on the same mobile).

When installed separately to WhatsApp, with OGWhatsApp we can bring two numbers in the same mobile. It is used in the case of a phone with two SIM card slots, but it is also possible to do it with only one.

We have already explained to you how to carry two WhatsApp in the same mobile, because to activate the second number we only need the SMS verification code, without the line even having to be on.

How to install OGWhatsApp

We will learn to install OGWhatsApp, considering that it may be next to the original version of WhatsApp, but that a specific number only work at the same time in one of the two applications.

First of all, you have to download the last version from the web AlexMods, its creator: