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Meet War and Order, another aspiring throne in RPG games


Meet War and Order, another aspiring throne in RPG games

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April 16, 2016

war and order app

Cinematic sagas, such as The Lord of the Rings, have continued to bear fruit even years after their closure and to achieve historical results in cinemas. The setting, the plot and the creatures of series like this, have been the source of inspiration for many developers of apps for tablets and smartphones, which have taken dozens of games based on Middle-earth but without trying to be simple copies of the adventures of Frodo Baggins.

As we have mentioned on other occasions, the games of strategy and action, framed in a medieval atmosphere with magical elements, continue to be one of the most downloaded and have more legions of fans. This is the case of War and order, of which we now tell you its most outstanding characteristics and that, once again, intends to reach the throne within the titles of the genre.


Our mission is simple: We must defend the kingdom Of all kinds of enemies. To do this, we will have to form a army with creatures as diverse as dwarves, elves, trolls and orcs and at the same time, we will have to collect resources to build different civil and military structures and strengthen ourselves against an increasing number of threats. However, this does not end here since we will also have a great series of technologies and magical elements that will help us to be invincible.

Cooperative mode

There are several types of departure. On the one hand, we can face in 1 against 1 battles in real time against users from all over the world and on the other, we can forge alliances to try to defeat stronger rivals and obtain both their territories and their wealth. At the same time, we can share our results through Facebook and participate with other players in the exploration of new lands.


War and Order has no cost. However, it has not yet achieved a sufficient number of users to be among the most downloaded, since it has about 50,000. In some cases, it requires integrated purchases that can reach 106 euros per item. Among the opinions of those who own this game we can find some positive aspects such as the setting or gameplay while others criticize failures in the Spanish translation that can lead to errors.

War and order

War and order

Do you think that War and Order will be able to attract more players thanks to its idea or nevertheless, do you think it has a theme that can already suffer symptoms of exhaustion? You have more information about similar titles like Eternity Warriors available so you can give your opinion.