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It is already possible to buy SmartBoy in Mexico

What started as a nice joke is now possible since SmartBoy the gadget that turns your usual mobile into an original Gameboy is here to stay and the best of all is that it is already available in Mexico.

SmartBoy is an accessory that you will surely want to have if you are a fan of Gameboy video games, you like to remember those and memorable times or it simply catches your attention to live the experience of having a SmartBoy.

The SmartBoy is functional with Android to use the computer screen as a classic GameBoy, but that's not all because with the innovative accessory you can play both GameBoy and GameBoy Color cartridges, all you have to do is place them in the back as was done with the classic console and ready only you will enjoy your video game.

It is clear that SmartBoy was designed primarily for the Samsung Galaxy S8, but do not worry because the gadget is compatible with other devices that have the USB Type-C port and of course a 5.2-inch screen.

If you are anxious to buy a SmartBoy it is possible to book it at Amazon Mexico which you will find with a price of 1,058 pesos, it should be noted that its launch date is August 21.

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