IFA 2015: Philips bets on curved screen monitors

IFA 2015: Philips bets on curved screen monitors

IFA 2015 is already giving a lot to talk about, a few days after the opening of its doors, from mobile phones to wearables they will be presented at this gala, and since the monitors cannot stay behind, MMD, licensed partner for Philips monitors, gives us a preview of what they have to show.

MMD and Philips prepare the presentation of a 34-inch curved monitor, perfect for better immersion and visual experience, which also incorporates a CrystalClear system for greater image clarity, UltraWide Quad HD resolution (3440 x 1440), AH-IPS LCD technology and a viewing angle. In addition, the built-in audio system places the user in the middle of a surround sound.

On the other hand, a new Philips IPS-ADS 27-inch monitor will be displayed with Quantum Dot Color IQ: This transformative technology offers more than 50% color than traditional LEDs And it is more affordable.

In addition Philips present the Ambiglow Plus Base technology, an addition that allows the light to remain even when the screen is off, so users can adjust the color and brightness to create a special atmosphere in the room.

At the same time, MMD launches its innovative SoftBlue technology on a screen of 24 to be exhibited at IFA 2015. The fact: SoftBlue technology eliminates more than 90% of harmful blue light, and protects the eyes as it reduces visual fatigue by mitigating the impact of exposure to blue light when using Philips monitors.

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