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How to make Baby Yoda your avatar in Disney Plus

The launch of Disney + gave us a lot to talk about, from the technical difficulties that besieged it at the beginning to the news that in a single day 10 million people had already subscribed. That is not surprising, because this service streaming offers a vast collection that includes Disney archive classics, everything Pixar has done, and movies and programs from the Marvel and Star Wars universes. However, perhaps the most viral that has come from there so far is a green mini-alien: Baby Yoda, the cutest little creature that has sprouted from the Star Wars universe in years (perhaps the prettiest of all time). And now you can show off how much you like Baby Yoda by choosing that little one as your Disney + avatar.

Baby yoda

Assuming you love Baby Yoda (and obviously you love Baby Yoda) you might want to express your love with your profile picture. This is how you can do it.

How to change your Disney avatar +

  1. Open the Disney + app on your device
  2. Choose Profile in the side menu.
  3. Choose Edit Profiles.
  4. Choose the profile you want to edit
  5. Choose Choose Icon.
  6. Scroll to the Star Wars section (If you see the cone in the featured section it also works) and choose Baby Yoda.
  7. Choose Done To save the changes.

There really can't be many left, but for those who still don't know, Baby Yoda debut in the first Star Wars live-action television series, The Mandalorian, which are released with the launch of Disney Plus. The series, considered a space western, immediately captured the hearts and minds of Star Wars fans. The Mandalorian It is starred by Pedro Pascal as a lone bounty hunter who has a conscience and could be connected to the plots of the most important films in the Star Wars movie universe, which makes it one of the most important Star Wars content released outside the movie. large screen.

Regardless of the connections of the series with the rest of a galaxy far, far away, it is clear that it has already had a considerable impact on our galaxy through Baby Yoda. That adorable fifty-year-old child (species have different aging processes!) Has practically destroyed the internet, generating countless memes, endless conspiracy theories and merchandise of all kinds. In these times of conflicts and disputes on the Internet, Baby Yoda is the ultimate unifying force for the common good. Everyone can agree that Baby Yoda is a glorious thing.

Now you can have the coolest and cutest Disney Plus profile cone. I leave wisely.

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