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How to link an Amazon Fire TV Stick with the Alexa voice assistant

You may have at home a Amazon Fire TV Stick, which offers a good quality and has an adjusted price, and also a device that allows the use of Alexa, such as an Echo speaker or a smartphone with the corresponding application. We show how to link both accessories to make content as simple as possible.

When you do this, among other things, what you get is to use with the voice the player of the American company, which makes starting to watch a movie or move on to the next chapter of a series is much more comfortable (even, they can be done from anywhere in the room without having to resort to the remote control). In this way, it is removed the maximum possible match to the ecosystem offers the company directed by Jeff Bezos, and that have in their assistant the central axis with which they pivot all the products they offer and that are compatible – such as loudspeakers and smart screens.

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To perform the necessary steps to achieve this on the Amazon Fire TV Stick, what you have to use is the Alexa application in a terminal with iOS or Android, since the parameters to be set are in this location. Normally, it is already installed, but if not, we leave the corresponding links for the two operating systems mentioned above to proceed with the download and installation, something that is as simple as it is safe:

Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa

How to pair an Amazon Fire TV Stick with an Alexa device

Once you have the development available, use it – but first check that both the mobile device used is connected to the same WiFi network than the media player. Now, what you have to do is access the interface of the Amazon Fire TV Stick to make sure it is working and can be recognized.

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The following is to use Configuration In the Alexa application, something you can find by clicking on the icon with three horizontal lines in the upper left area of ​​the development and looking for the section we are talking about. Once this is done, you will see a wide list of options to configure the Amazon wizard, and you must use what is called Series and videos what's in Alexa preferences.

"Options "Alexa

Once inside this place, see that in Outstanding there is an element called Fire tv. This must be pressed using the icon with the symbol Β«+Β»On your right. You access a new screen where you can see, for example, how the player is used by voice (an example is Alexa, I want to see Indiana Jones). Now you have to use the link called Pair my device with Alexa and in the list that appears the model you have, select it and click on Continue.

"Link "Link