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How to ensure that children do not leave their eyes on a tablet? Samsung has the solution


How to ensure that children do not leave their eyes on a tablet? Samsung has the solution

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April 20, 2016

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The smallest of the house have become fervent users of the tablets, technology that will largely be positive for their educational and cognitive development, especially if there is parental control. However, a very common war with children is that of the distance they leave between the eyes and the screen, and this factor can have an impact on your health.

And we say boys and girls because the Samsung application approach is clearly childishHowever, if we are very involved in a task, it is not that infrequent that we adults end up too close to our tablet forgetting to keep a healthy distance. That can translate into headaches or dizziness as well as dryness, irritation or fatigue In the eyes. More serious is if harmful practices persist, and that ends up creating some type of corneal injury.

Tablets and children: guide with the best options

Safety Screen, for children: download and installation

As we say, it is an application of Samsung for Android, not only limited to Gaaxy, but downloadable on any smartphone or tablet that works from version 4.3 of the system onwards. Another indispensable requirement is to have frontal camera in the device, it is the component used to measure the distance we are from the screen.

The app was not found in the store

The only permission this app requires is to be able to do photos and video (Actually what he asks is the control of the front camera). For the rest, we must assign a user and a password to the tool so that children do not get disable it and we can start working with her.

How it works: two modes and in the background

We can have the application enabled or disabled. When it is running, it will measure the distance from the screen all the time and if it falls above the minimum a message appears that lock the entire touch system until we regain a good position.

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The application keeps running in the background in a continuous way, therefore it can increase the battery consumption, although in a tablet It is not going to be something really problematic. The interesting thing on the other hand is that if the little ones are playing (at which point they can lose the notion more easily) they will be forced to stop and adopt a correct distance.