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How to clean an automatic top or front-loading washing machine

Although it may not seem like it, your washing machine also gets dirty inside. You may have noticed it when taking clothes out of it and checking that it does not smell as it should after washing it. Yes: a waste accumulation can affect the cleaning of the garments, and knowing how to clean an automatic washing machine will be quite useful.

To avoid damaging the washing machine or clothing, it is necessary to maintain and care for the machine properly. This regardless of whether it is a front-loading machine or one with top-loading, completely new and beautiful or the reliable one you have had for years. Doing this correctly can also help you get better washing results and make your machine last longer. With these tips you learn how to take care of it and avoid some mistakes.

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How to clean a top-loading washer

how to clean an automatic washing machine

Step 1: Leave the door open after removing clothing so it dries completely when you're not using it. This helps prevent mold and fungus from growing in your washer.

Step 2: Use a damp cloth and a small amount of antibacterial liquid soap to clean the inside of your machine.

Step 3: clean any dirt, such as spills and debris from outside your machine and accumulate it on the door, with a damp cloth and soft soap.

Maintenance Tips: Change the filling hoses of your machine every five years, according to the GE Appliances recommendations. To remember to do so, it is a good idea to label the filling hoses, indicating the date you replaced them. You can do it with some adhesive tape and a marker.

We also ask GE for suggestions on how to properly clean top-loading washers. They suggested that we use special Tide wipes to clean washers once a month and that we consult the washer's user manual for additional cleaning and maintenance instructions.

What not to do: It is better to avoid the use of aggressive cleaning products, especially those containing amonaco. You should also avoid anything that is too strong, such as abrasive cleaners or scourers. Those who prefer something soft and natural can use vinegar, although this sometimes creates odor problems, so I go out in moderation.

How to clean a front-loading / HE washer

how to clean an automatic washing machine 20915027 some dirty clothes in the washing machine20915027 – some dirty clothes in the washing machine

Step 1: Leave the door ajar after taking your clothes off with a front-loading washing machine as well, and let it dry completely when you're not using it. This helps prevent mold and fungus from proliferating.

Step 2: Clean the washer door with a damp cloth. You can use a small amount of vinegar or very diluted bedding (we are talking about a part of bed with ten parts of water) to help eliminate accumulated dirt.

Step 3: Clean the door rubber. Gently pull it back between the door opening and the drum, and check for foreign objects; Remove anything you find. After that, check for stains or dirt accumulation. Keep in mind that many of the tires have inner and outer layers. Clean and inspect both, as hair, dirt and objects can get stuck in many places.

You can clean the accumulation of dirt using washing machine cleaning wipes or a solution made of chlorine and water (from a cup of chlorine mixed with a gallon of water). Be sure to remove any remnants with a damp cloth. Finally, let the washer dry completely outdoors with the door open for at least an hour or two.