Novelty attach emails gmail

How can you attach an email within another in Gmail

Novelty attach emails gmail

The G Suite It continues to improve to offer us more and more features that facilitate our daily work. Google loves to do the homework, and therefore continues to invest in R&D hours, to offer more and better options for its users.

The latest news is quite recent, and specifically addresses its mail service, Gmail. As we can read in the official blog of the G Suite, the possibility of send emails as attachments within another in Gmail It is now available. The best? It is done in a very simple way, that you learn in this little tutorial, but first, know more about this function.

Send emails as attachments, a new level of practicality

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It has never happened to you that you need to send multiple messages that are related to each other, and you have to send them separately, surely many. This is no longer a problem, because now you can resend them all at the same time, and in the same email.

With this option, you will only have to write an email that serves as a summary to contextualize your recipients. Meanwhile, the rest of the emails attached will support your idea, and allow your recipients to expand information directly in the same message.

Forget about wasting time sending separate emails to your contacts, and that they lose minutes, and even hours, while searching and connecting all emails. Now just select, rene and send everything together.

How to send an email as an attachment in Gmail

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The process to attach emails within another one in Gmail is quite simple. You will only have to:

  • Open the new message window in Gmail and compose the main email, as well as place the recipients.
  • Go to your inbox, or any other folder where you have the emails you want, and select them with the checkbox.
  • Once this is done, you just have to drag them to the window of the new message you will send. Emails will be automatically loaded as attachments.

Another way to insert emails in a new thread is to select emails and then, from the menu of extra options (the three-point), select “Resend as attachment”.

This process is necessary for the web version of Gmail, however, we believe that it is the same for the Android application. The availability of this function is worldwide, however, it is also scheduled to be expanded, so that all users are gradually arriving.

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