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Google Assistant interpreter mode available on phones

As of today, when you order from your smartphone to Google Assistant with commands such as: "Hello, Google, help me speak Thai", the interpreter mode allow you to understand conversations in real time in up to 44 languages, according to the company.

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According The verge, the interpreter mode, which until now only worked on Google Home speakers and smart screens, could translate any conversation and even read aloud and provide "Smart answers that can speed up the conversation by allowing you to respond without having to talk", explain.

But also This function is also a good assistant for tourists Since the app Google Maps also includes, since last month, the translation button that indicates the pronunciation or real name of an address when you request it in your native language. Also, when taking a picture of a signage or any image you wish to translate, it will show you its meaning.

Google Assistant Interpreter Mode(Photo: YouTube)

Google Assistant Interpreter Mode

The interpreter mode of Google Assitant be available for iOS and Android phones.

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