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Get to know your favorite topics of the last decade with Spotify Wrapped

Spotify decade summary

Spotify is one of the most popular music services with us among the most popular today and with Wrapped 2019 makes a compilation of all your favorite topics and that you were listening for the last 10 years.

And the truth is that it is a luxury to have this possibility. Especially if you already have your years with the service and more when Spotify was launched in 2006. Yes, it is 13 years of existence of this music streaming service and now gives everything before moving on to the new decade and that 2020.

Spotify's 13 years


Be listening to your favorite music through Spotify means having a record of all those themes and playlists What have you been listening to? And in fact, every year, at the end, Spotify brings us a list of the topics that we put through its online music streaming player.

For those who enjoy the rock, pop, indie or trap music, Spotify has become part of their lives thanks to that β€œcurated” content that adapts to the music styles we listen to. The radio to discover new music or that Spotify makes you discover new artists that have a lot to do with your favorites, has turned it into the music streaming par excellence for many; even listening to the community by improving that widget that they deleted overnight.

Wrapped 2019 and your decade of music

Most liked

We're going to go to this link first, although you can find it when you open Spotify from your mobile or PC:

Open Wrapped 2019, firstly Spotify will show us how our musical tastes were in each season. In my case I spent in winter with a series of artists, to spend the spring with those who predominated as jazz music was (yes, it gave me out there …). We go to summer, and where it shows that one already passes to more moviditas, and thus end with autumn and in this case it is the rock of the 70s that took all the prominence.


All this Spotify shows you with links to your favorite songs and with the albums of those artists that have been the focus of your listening Weekly musicals Then go directly to the number 1 artist of the year with the most listened song and his album.


The following screen are the remaining positions for Radiohead, John Coltrane, Kings of Leon and Dave Brubeck. In your case it will change according to the time used by Spotify, so the truth is more than interesting to know how the year was musically speaking.