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Folding and pop-up camera? Xiaomi may launch a smartphone as soon

Xiaomi You can have very ambitious plans for next year and one of them will be a new folding smartphone with pop-up camera, which will work through a mechanism to hide under the screen.

Like other devices like Motorola One Hyper, Huawei Y9 Prime and the Xiaomi Mi 9T, the company wants to show off with a new release consisting of a device with a pop-up camera, but it will also be foldable in the style of Galaxy Fold or Huawei Mate X.

According to Let’sGoDigital, Xiaomi It could have patented a future folding smartphone that stands out for incorporating a pop-up camera, although its design is more similar to the new Motorola RAZR.

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Everything seems to indicate that Xiaomi I was already several steps ahead, since I patented this folding mobile device since 2018, but it was approved until this December 6.

In the patent it is possible to see a design of a smartphone with cover and a pop-up camera at the top. A feature that will allow the Chinese company to develop a flexible mobile device without bezels.

Obviously, with the image we can only know what trend Xiaomi It could be inclined, but the patent does not reveal more information about it, so we will have to wait for the Chinese company to provide more information officially.

Maybe next year we will get a huge surprise.

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Would you like to have this Xiaomi folding device with pop-up camera?