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different news sources in one application

Almost all of us use our smartphones and Android tablets to consume content. Be they photos, videos or articles, and today, the most popular websites offer their own applications for a better reading experience. However, not all applications are good, and if you love reading many different sources, installing all the different applications can consume much of your device's storage. Well, that's where the One – Reading Anything in One application comes into play (free). As the name implies, the application offers you content from all the different sources in a unified interface. So, if that interests you, here is our review of the One – Read Anything in One application:

Key features

Before going into the details of the user interface and the experience offered by the One application, let's talk about its characteristics:

  • More than 40 sources to subscribe for free

One includes more than 40 sources from different niches to which you can subscribe. News applications bring a lot of information, but not everyone is interested in all niches. Fortunately, the One application brings news from different niche sources such as Editor's Pick, Economy, News, Hindi News, Youth, Entertainment and Lifestyle . In addition, you can write to developers to add more sources.

  • It is not necessary to install the fonts.

Basically, after starting to use One, you will no longer have to install a large number of applications or visit all websites one by one to see your favorite sources. This should be especially useful for people who have phones with little storage space.

Along with the news, One includes a "Photos" section, which includes photos " Funny "and" WTF?! " of the web. The application includes images with trends on the Internet, whether funny, strange or even NSFW. The good thing is that the news and images section is updated every hour, so the application never stops having new content.

  • Features coming soon

The One application is still in its infancy and, therefore, there are many features on which application developers are currently working, such as integrated VPN support, offline reading, download content and more You can check their Facebook page to see the new features they are working on.

User interface and ease of use

When it comes to the UI and UX of the One application, it offers what it promised and that is, a simplified reading experience . When you open One, the application asks you to select the sources you want to add in your feed. Once this is done, you will be taken to the home page of the application, where you will find two tabs: News and Photos (beta). The news source offers you all the latest content from the sources you chose and the Imgenes tab offers you fun images on the web. You can also press the plus button in the upper right corner to add or remove fonts.