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Control the mobile without touching it with the latest genius of Google

Using a touch screen is as simple as being guided by the adjective: if it is touch you just have to touch it. This simple act, which seems to us a trifle, can become a mountain for a person who cannot use their hands, for example. The accessibility tools included in Android help users with difficulties, also the new application presented by Google: Voice Access.

Its name in English leaves no doubt: the application offers mobile access with voice. This is done using Google Assistant and an on-screen overprint that numbers each "clickable" item. Imagine that all icons, web links, menu settings … had a number. Well, you just have to say it to execute the action.

Voice Access It is an application that will help remarkably to people who cannot use their fingers or who need to use the mobile phone remotely. It also offers a striking way to control the smartphone without using a single key: Only with Google Assistant and voice. It almost seems magic.

Voice Access puts a number on everything that can be pressed on the screen to activate it with voice

Control the mobile without touching it with the latest genius of Google

In broad strokes what this Google application does is just as it is summarized in the title above: it delimits each touch zone of the screen with a number so that, just saying it, Google Assistant activates it. And the magic is not only Voice Access, but also the assistant since it is the one who is responsible for interpreting the voice and turning it into actions.

Let's start with the main drawback: the application is in english. This means that, in case you want to use it, you will have to put the mobile in English: It is not enough to change the language only to Google Assistant. We ignore if Google will translate Voice Access into Spanish, hopefully so: this solution is very promising.

Control the mobile without touching it with the latest genius of Google

Voice Access needs to activate mobile accessibility services, that's the first thing it asks for. Once this is done the application remains on hold until activate Google Assistant with Ok, Google: at that time the entire screen will be divided into numbers so that by simply saying anyone you activate that specific area.

It's awesome to see how Voice Access delimit each zone susceptible to any interface pulsation. And not only allows you to access the specific button saying the number, we can also write with your voice in a text box after selecting it and using advanced commands, such as «scroll down»To descend on a website or«go home»To directly press the Home button, for example.

An excellent help for those who are prevented from using their mobile

Beyond the anecdote that arouses its use, Voice Access It is very useful for those who cannot use the phone in a tactile way. We have tested the operation and it is not inconvenient, even if you do not know too much English: the recognition of numbers, actions and text is at the level of what Assistant offers. Dictating text is a nuisance because it must be in English, Is the problem that the app is not in Spanish.

If you want to try Voice Access You just have to go to the Google Play Store. In principle it is compatible with any mobile that includes Android 5 or higher.