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Conquer the universe in the space simulator Stellar Wanderer

The fantastic space simulation game Stellar Wanderer comes to Android and we can download it free from the Google Play Store.

A year ago Crescend Moon Games, the creators of such famous games as The Deer God, Shadow Blade or Paper Mosters launched a space simulator for iOS devices. It's called Stelar Wanderer and placed us in a spectacular Space Opera.

Now comes the version for Android in which they have corrected some aspects such as the control of the ships and incidentally vary their mode of monetization from the payment to the free download With purchases within the application.

Conquer the universe in the space simulator Stellar Wanderer

Within the world created for this video game we can choose the role that we like, depending on whether we want to fight, trade or create devices from the engineering position.

The plot will give us several options to choose from and based on them we can increase our skills in one field or another. What do we want to dredge the asteroid material? No problem. What do we prefer to be a pirate? Well, we can too.

Conquer the universe in the space simulator Stellar Wanderer

One of the most important elements will be the ships that we can obviously improve with what we are winning in the game or, if we want, we can buy things within it.

The control of the same can be done by means of the touch screen or the accelerometer although in our case the former has worked much better than the latter.

From our ship we will travel to other galaxies and for this we will use the wormholes and also our hypervelocity, which will help us so that the movement over huge distances is not too long. Of course we must fight, be careful with the shots that are made and take care of our ship.

A high quality immersive game that we can enjoy without paying in a mandatory way and worth trying.