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Buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 in Spain will be possible sooner than thought

Europe was initially out of the first to have the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, hopes pointed to 2016, however, the rumors go in the opposite direction and Europe will not have to wait that long … On the official Samsung page the European version of the Galaxy Note 5, which may confirm its existence much earlier than expected.

Under the name of SM-N920F appeared on the web terminal specifications, which confirms the existence of a European version of the Galaxy Note 5 and, by Samsung's background, is almost a confirmation of the mobile's early arrival in European lands that would include Spain.

The data: The letter F is added to the original Galaxy Note 5 code, which indicates that it is the international version, it is the one that is sent to Europe, as you can see in the Galaxy S4 and S5 versions, for example.

What is the price of Note 5 in Spain? Calm! An is not confirmed even when the device could arrive, much less what the price of the Galaxy Note 5 in Spain is. The truth is that Samsung was focusing on the Galaxy S6 Edge + for the European market, apparently the discontent of users for the exclusion of Note 5 of the continent made them change their mind.

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