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Apple is buying aluminum manufactured with a carbon-free process

Earth day apple green

Apple is a company very aware of the environment, has already achieved that most of its assemblers use 100% of their renewable energy and, even, we have seen how the aluminum of their latest Mac is manufactured with 100% recycled aluminum.

Now Apple takes another step again and has announced a collaboration with a company that will supply aluminum manufactured with a carbon-free process. He Aluminum is used in a very large number of devices So it is one of the most used metals by Apple and the rest of the industry, which means that the less contaminate its manufacturing the better for everyone.

Aluminum without carbon footprint for Apple devices

In May 2018, Apple announced that it had started a collaboration with two of the world's largest aluminum producers, Alcoa and Rio Tinto. From this collaboration was born a new carbon free aluminum smelting process. The two companies formed a joint venture called Elysis and have been working to further develop this already patented technology.

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Now Apple has just confirmed that it has already bought the first commercial lot of carbon-free aluminum from Elysis, according to reports Reuters. It is not clear on what devices Apple use this aluminum, but the iPhone, iPad, Macs and many other Apple products are made of aluminum.

"For more than 130 years, aluminum, a common material in many of the products that consumers use every day, has been produced in the same way. That is about to change".

They are words of Apple's chief environmental officer, Lisa Jackson, who demonstrate again the importance of the environment for the apple company. A very interesting step Apple has described as the most important innovation in the aluminum industry in more than a century.