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Apple and Michelle Obama give Macs and iPads to a school and its students

gift Apple, Michelle Obama and Ellen DeGeneres

Apple has always been very close to the community and whenever it can show different ways to help. The company has joined Michelle Obama and the well-known presenter Ellen DeGeneres to equip a school with computers and give students an iPad to improve the quality of their studies.

The students and teachers of Randle Highlands Elementary School in Washington DC could not be happier. Ellen Degeneres program has given them computers and iPads thanks to "Ellen’s Greatest Night of Giveaways," or "Ellen's Great Night of Gifts."

A great gesture by Apple to help many children

Randle Highlands Elementary School is located in one of the toughest neighborhoods in the city, 65% of Randle students are in foster homes or homeless and according to the demographic data, all the students who attend are considered “economically disadvantaged”, practically they have nothing.

Former first lady Michelle Obama visited the school last Tuesday and offered a tour of the campus and detailed the needs of the center. While the grounds are clean and the classrooms are in good condition, Randle, like many other schools in the United States, cannot equip its students with the latest technology for your learning

Randle's computer lab is small and has only a handful of computers, so students are forced to work in large groups. Moreover, according to reports, many teachers pay many necessary items out of their own pocket not provided by the District of Columbia Public Schools system.

After making a donation, Obama met the students to announce that Randle will receive a new basketball court and a complete update of your computer lab thanks to Apple, this room will soon be full of iMacs provided by the company.

In addition to this, and in the most fucking style of Steve Jobs, Michelle Obama announced her own “One more thing”, in this case dedicated to the students of the center. “We want to make sure that everyone can learn and explore on your own as well. So we also have “Enough iPads for every student at Randle Highlands Elementary School”.

gift Apple, Michelle Obama and Ellen DeGeneres

It was then that dozens of elves loaded with sacks full of new iPads entered and were distributed to the surprised and smiling students. A very nice gesture by Apple, Michelle Obama and Ellen DeGeneres, sure that many teachers, engineers, doctors and, why not, presidents come out of that school.