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Acrcate, the application to take care of the ones that matter most to you

‘Come closer’ is the new application for locate, care and pay attention to our relatives and closer people. All from our smartphone and being able to have at our disposal the services of the Healthcare Professionals of the EULEN Group.

Currently the smartphone is one of those accessories that practically accompanies us everywhere and is also used by a broad spectrum of society, from the youngest to our elders. The EULEN Group has created the mobile application “Approach”, a utility that allows family, guardians or trusted people to have control and care for the elderly, youth and children.

Really the application “Come closer” It does not focus on a specific population niche, but it can be used with any person, such as a family member traveling alone, an athlete who wants to be contactable in case of any emergency or a child who has his first smartphone.

How it works Come closer, the EULEN support application

The “Come closer” application, available for iOS and Android for free from the corresponding app stores, takes advantage of the connectivity of our smartphone and GPS to locate and feel closer to our loved ones. Of course, users have full control of our privacy and can decide when we can be located and others see our location.

The EULEN Group has incorporated a series of “Approach” functions and services that complete the possibilities of the app:

The services of Approach

As we have commented, the application takes advantage of the smartphone's GPS to turn mobile into a locator. Here comes into play the T-Sigo service, with which we can keep family members located, send our location to a contact, establish security areas and even receive notifications when the person enters or leaves them.

In Approach we have SOS button specially indicated for emergency moments. If we need it, with the service T-I attend just press it to issue a quick call to the emergency contact we have designated.

The service T-I remember It allows us to create alarms and reminders, as well as receive notifications when a family member has performed these actions. This is very interesting, for example, to remember medical appointments or create alerts about medications.

These services are free, but we can complement the application with Premium services that further improve each of the above functions, having direct assistance 24 hours a day and 365 days a year from EULEN professionals, as well as the service T-Call Premium. With it, we will receive daily, or monthly, calls from the EULEN Group's healthcare staff to ask us how we are or if we need anything.