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You can now buy an interest-free iPhone with the Apple Card

Apple Card in wallet

Apple has finally enabled the possibility of financing directly with the Apple Card the purchase of an iPhone at 0% interest, benefiting users in addition to a 3% cashback in Apple's Daily Cash.

For now this is only possible in the United States since we are still in the process of expanding the Apple Card. The transaction can be carried out directly in an Apple Store, through the online Apple Store or through the Apple Store app itself. The financing plan It can be extended up to 24 months without interest and the payment management is done through the Wallet app, which also allows us to make timely contributions to our outstanding credit as long as we have already paid the rest of the purchases of the month in our Apple Card, thus reducing the number of fees or the amount of outstanding fees.

Apple Card installment payment

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As icing on the cake, Apple has launched a promotion until next December 31 in which instead of the usual 3% refund in Daily Cash for the purchase of the iPhone, it becomes 6%, we assume that to further stimulate the sales of the Christmas campaign as well as the use of the card for payments.

Until now Apple has offered financing on its devices through third parties if we renew our terminal with the update program, but now it will not be necessary to perform a device update if we want to benefit from the financing.
In a document that Apple has released as informative support for this announcement, it is also indicated that The number of iPhones that we can finance is only limited by the amount of credit available to your Apple Card.

iPhone next to Apple Card

The implementation of the Apple Card does not stop, and it is becoming a more common method of payment in the United States, this together with the number of advantages it offers make it a financial product of the most attractive. We continue without news on the other side of the puddle and for the moment we are content to see that it is being a success. Perhaps this will further reinforce Apple's commitment to its card and get it to more passes in a short period of time.