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Why does it matter to brands that BTS is more popular than AMLO?

  • AMLO has about 6.3 million followers on Twitter

  • Sports and entertainment brands, both people and groups, are also popular

  • Several national journalists also positioned themselves as agents of great influence

There are very few brands that can really be compared, at least in Mexico, to President Andrs Manuel Lpez Obrador (AMLO). Your administration can not only to sink or rescue to virtually any company in the eyes of consumers. They also have a communication strategy that, as it may seem catholic, it could also be a great plan. That without counting the ability of your government to position unpopular terms and concepts.

To that you have to add its still high popularity. While Forbes reports that the approval level of AMLO fell by 12 points in the last year, it is still at a very enviable 68 percent. Experts interviewed by Process They point out that this high esteem could be altered in its second year of government if it does not address some issues of key concern. But his control over the national conversation is close. And that is a challenge for brands.

Already since july it is noted that tabasqueo was the main barrier that Mexican companies had to overcome on their way to relevance. How can brands interest the public in their commercial offers if the only thing that is in the minds of the population are the policies and results of the administration? But maybe not everything is lost. One year after starting the AMLO sexennium, companies may open a small window.

A K-Pop band, more popular than AMLO

This analysis is based on a Twitter statement, which revealed the most popular trends, accounts and topics in Mexico in the course of 2019. Among the lists revealed by the social network, is a compilation of the most mentioned accounts during the year . While AMLO (as well as his ally Claudia Shenbaum and his rival Felipe Caldern) was very popular, he did not take first place. That honor went to the BTS group, a popular K-Pop band.

Related Notes

You can also see in this ranking that for the fifth place the AntemoFans account is positioned. That is, an account dedicated to fandom of two young Mexican actors. According to Twitter, the results are part of an internal Twitter measurement between January 1 and last November 15. It does not reveal exact figures on exactly how many mentions each account had. But s is enough to draw certain conclusions.

A window of hope for brands

Certainly the political environment is not the only concern of brands in Mexico. The commercial relationship with the rest of the US block It was also a cause of constant fear for many companies. Especially those with a regional scale supply chain. The trends of the new generations still elude many representatives of the country. And of course, there is also the crisis of labor dissatisfaction.

We must also recognize that neither BTS nor AntemoFans enter the mold of traditional brands. One is a foreign musical group, with values ​​and commercial objectives radically different from those of the companies in the country. The other is just a group that grew in popularity through two celebrities and a good community management. But at the same time, they represent two accounts with interests that are not immersed in the political sphere.

It is important that BTS be more relevant than AMLO because that means that the president's noise is not impenetrable. Without a strategy designed specifically for the country, the K-Pop band managed to overcome the morenista. That means that brands also, with some effort, can dare to win, even momentarily, the reflectors to the politician. It certainly is not a door wide open. But s is a small window.