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Which industries invest more in advertising within Facebook?

Which industries invest more in advertising within Facebook?

During the third quarter of 2019, Facebook received 7 million advertisers.

For fashion brands, advertising within Facebook remains important.

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When it comes to the development of advertising on social networks, Facebook is a space that can be considered practically mandatory, we talk about the social network that brings together the largest number of monthly active users where brands can find their target audiences, but also to the largest number of quarterly advertisers, for example, according to data shared by Statista, during the first and third quarter of this year the platform registered 7 million advertisers.

However, it is interesting to note the relevance of the platform for some industries, therefore, in the graph of this day we highlight the different sectors that stand out for being the ones that most promote their content within this social network.

The industries most committed to Facebook:

According to an analysis developed by Socialbakers, where more than 12 thousand publications of brands were contemplated worldwide between April and June of this year, the fashion industry is the one that bets more on the guidelines on Facebook, of the total publications analyzed 27.8 percent correspond to them.

After the fashion industry, the beauty industry makes an appearance although to a lesser extent, its participation in the promotion of publications represents 15 percent, that is to say almost half of what the industry contributes fashion.

Thirdly, the e-commerce businesses stand out with a 13.9 percent stake and, to close the top 5, the automotive industry is located as well as retailers with a respective share of 10.5 and 8.6 percent.

With these relatively recent figures it is possible to understand the trend that different brands follow in social networks, for fashion brands, Facebook has become an important space, while those in the services segment have played down its importance.