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This is the cable you need to charge your iPhone this Christmas

charger with little lights

Are you a Christmas fan? Can't you think of any more way to show how much you like this little of the year? Do not worry, We bring you the definitive accessory to make it clear that Christmas is your thing.

A charging cable not suitable for the Grinch

If you are one of those who hate this little, please stop reading here. If this is not the case, you are in luck as we show you the most navideo charger that could occur to us. It is a charger with all the cable with Christmas lights, as if the tree or the window of the house is involved. A 127cm long charger (a somewhat peculiar length we must admit), which although it does not have the Apple-MFi certificate, which indicates that it will not be valid for data transmission, if it is worth to load, and in passing Let it be noticed that it is Christmas.

navideo charger

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Available on Amazon through a third party

If you are interested in purchasing this accessory, you can buy it on Amazon in the button that we leave below. Eye, because it is an item sold by a third party that is not Amazon, so there is no guarantee of this purchase. Although it is possible to say that for the little more than 8 that it costs, it is worth the risk and being the center of all eyes the next Christmas Eve dinner, in addition to that It is a simple and economical gift idea that does not leave anyone indifferent.

Navideo Lightning Charger

Have you already ordered yours? If you love Christmas take advantage, this is the best time of the year to get the most striking and original accessories. What do you think? Is this your charger par excellence? Leave us your comments below!