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This could be the Samsung Galaxy X (and we will love it)

There is a lot of mystery around to Samsung Galaxy X, the next device that aims to be a success or a failure. Why? Because we are talking about the first folding device of history And no, we don't mean folding mobile phones with hinges to the ZTE Axon M. We mean flexible for real.

Therefore, we are in luck to see that finally someone dares to imagine the Samsung X. Jonas Dahnert, German professional designer, has published about renders of the device for the Nieuwemobiel portal. It is not official information, but these images are based on what we have seen when Samsung patented this device and its technologies. And it must be said: we love it.

The Samsung Galaxy X finally in pictures: will it be that true?

This could be the Samsung Galaxy X (and we would love to)

The rumors are scattered and massive. Some claim that this X will lead a panel that will rotate about 90 degrees, and that it could mount a second screen so that, folded, we could see the notifications or the time without having to deploy the device. Jonas has been clearly inspired by the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, although it is not a mistake being this the mobile of the moment also having the new Galaxy design lines.

This could be the Samsung Galaxy X (and we would love to)

Obviously, there are issues in which we must be cautious. For starters, the fingerprint reader is behind, Note 9 style, but it is very possible that Samsung either puts the reader in another more accessible place, or I incorporated it under the screen to facilitate the use of this device, within the strangeness of the product.

What we know is that this Samsung Galaxy X will not be cheap: its price is estimated to be around 1500 and 1700 euros. It has all the sense of the world; This device is special and will have cost research, development and dedication, in addition to being an unconventional telephone for a very short niche of users.

We leave you a gallery with the renders. Definitely, we must recognize that the simple fact of being developing the first really flexible device is a feat that must be taken into consideration. We will see if time gives us an X similar to what we see in these images, or else, we will see a click of biblical proportions.