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These are the most downloaded iPhone apps of 2019 in Spain

top apps App Store 2019

This week Apple presented the best applications of the year for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV, but also left us a small list with the 20 most downloaded applications and games from the App Store in 2019 in Spain. In each country the downloads may vary slightly, but more or less the downloaded apps will be similar. Today we share the most downloaded apps from the App Store in 2019.

The most downloaded free apps of 2019

The majority of free applications that cover this top 10 are social networks, although we also have entertainment apps and one of the most viral apps of 2019.

1. Instagram

One of the social networks par excellence, the most downloaded free app of 2019 in the App Store in Spain.

2. WhatsApp Messenger

The most used messenger application in the world, this year has to settle for second place.

3. YouTube

An increasingly important app as videos are winning many users.

4. Google Maps – routes and food

The application of maps that use the majority of users is located in 4 positions.

5. Netflix

The streaming video platform has grown like foam and reaches the top 5.

6. FaceApp – Selfies Editor

Probably the most viral application of the year, will make you old and a child in just a few seconds.

7. Spotify: music and podcasts

The most used music streaming platform in the world had to be in this top 10.

8. Gmail – Google's email

The Google mail client is the one chosen by many users.

9. Sticker Maker Studio

Another of the most viral apps and with which you can create stickers for WhatsApp.

10. Snapchat

To finish the ranking, another social media app that resists disappearing.