These are the best Siri commands for iOS and macOS

These are the best Siri commands for iOS and macOS

Artificial intelligence is the future. Technology companies want you to use their digital assistants more, and Apple's Siri confronts you with Google Assistant, Amazon's Alexa and Microsoft's Cortana in a relentless battle to win over customers. And although Apple's virtual assistant is still far from perfect, it has come a long way since it was introduced in 2011. Siri's commands offer real comfort, and the assistant is available on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch , HomePod, and the latest AirPods. We have selected the best ones here for iOS and macOS.

Activating Siri

If you can't talk to Siri, the function may be disabled. To activate Siri, go to Settings> Siri and search and press Press Start to activate Siri. Once activated, there are different ways to invoke Siri.

  • Press and hold the button start or side.
  • Go to Settings> Siri and Search and active Listen “Hi Siri”. Once this is done, you can activate Siri by saying "Hello Siri" aloud.
  • If you use Earpods, press and hold the center button.
  • If you have an Apple Watch, you can activate Siri by double tapping the button under the crown.
  • If you are using AirPods, double tap on any headset.
  • If you are using a Mac, click on the Siri icon in the menu bar.

Commands for calls, voicemail, messages and email

  • "Call (name or number)".
  • "Facetime (name or number)".
  • If you want to start a call with the speaker, you can say "Call (name or number) on the speaker".
  • “Verify my voicemail” or “Verify the voice messages of (name). "
  • Check my messages ”or Check my email”.
  • "Read my new messages" or "Read my new email."
  • “Send an email to (name). Siri ask you to provide the subject and the message. You can also say the entire command at once like this: “Send an email to (name), on (whatever you say here be the matter), and (whatever you say here be the message) “.

Commands to control the configuration of your device

  • “Enable / disable (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mobile data, Do not disturb, Night Shift or Air mode). "
  • "Take a picture / selfie."
  • "Increase / decrease brightness."
  • When playing music, you can say: "Turn up the volume."
  • Open (application or game).

Commands for currency conversions, calculations and timers

  • Convert (say the amount and name of the coin) into (say the name of the coin). "
  • You can also convert any other measure. For example: How much are 335 meters in feet? ”
  • How much is (number) plus / minus / divided / multiplied by (number) ”or“ What is the square ratio of (number) “.
  • Set a timer for (say the amount of time). "
  • Set an alarm at (time). "
  • To calculate a tip, can you say How much is (percentage) of (number)? ”
  • "What is the price of the shares (say the name of the company)?"
  • How is the weather today? Or how is the weather in (say country or city)? "
  • What time is it in (say country or city)? "

Commands to set appointments, alarms, lists and reminders

  • "Check my meetings."
  • "Schedule a meeting with (name) at (day and time)."
  • "Remind me (say what to remember you) on (say when you want Siri to remind you of it)." You can also add a location to your reminder. For example: "Remind me to call Juan when I get home."
  • If you need to know what falls on a given date, you can ask “What is December 25?”
  • Alternatively, can you say "How many days are left until December 25?"
  • Create a called list (name of the list) ”.
  • Add items to the list (name of the list) ”.

Navigation and travel commands

  • Show me the nearest (service stations / type of restaurants / shopping centers / etc.).
  • How do I get to (destination) by (car / foot / bike). "
  • "Take me home."
  • “What are the traffic conditions?” Or “What are the traffic conditions near (name location)? "
  • "How much time is left until we reach (destination)."
  • "Check the flight status of (airline and flight number)".
  • "Show me the bus route to (destination)."
  • "I need an umbrella?"

Search Commands

  • “Open (application name). "
  • Define (word) ”.
  • "Search the application store (name of the application or category of applications)."
  • Ask any question and Siri search on the Internet. For example: "How is an omelet cooked?"
  • "Find notes / email about (say a keyword related to what you're looking for)."
  • "Find friends near me" or "Where is (friend's name)?"
  • Find photos by saying: "Show me photos of (date) or (name, if you have names assigned in the People album)".
  • "Find / download the podcast (artist name)."

Entertainment, sports and music commands

  • "Show me the results (of the sports team or the game)."
  • "Play music," or while listening to a song, you can tell Siri to "pause / stop / skip" or "play the next / previous song."
  • "Play (name of the song)".
  • I like this song ”
  • What is this song? ”
  • Touch more as ”
  • Play songs by (group or artist). "
  • "Play the best songs of (ao)".
  • What movies are played near me? Or what are the schedules of the films for (name of the film / name of the cinema). "

Use third party applications

In addition to the ability to open applications, Siri can also perform actions or deepen specific applications to provide you with the information you want. Siri control the way you use the applications and suggest shortcuts. You will find these suggestions in Settings> Siri and search. If you add one, you can record a phrase that will then activate that shortcut. For example, you can say Ask for the usual to activate a food order in the Caviar application, or "Take the panoramic route" to avoid traffic in Waze. You can even create shortcuts that can combine custom actions in multiple applications.

Unfortunately, there is no official list of applications that support Siri Shortcuts, but this Reddit publication lists many of them and what you can do with them.

You can use commands like:

  • "Send a message (messenger application name) to (contact name)."
  • "Get me a Lyft for (name of destination)."
  • "Post a message on (Facebook / Twitter)."
  • “Pay (name) $ 20 dollars with (PayPal / Square)”.

Funny commands

Siri is not all seriousness and work: you can have fun and ask more entertaining questions if you wish. Ask Siri to "throw a coin" or "throw the dice" and he will. There are many other fun questions to ask Siri, and Apple adds new answers nonstop, so try experimenting with Apple's virtual assistant and you may get some surprises.

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