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The Vivo X23 can be seen with a fingerprint sensor on the screen and almost invisible notch

Vivo is one of the brands that is most innovating in the mobile landscape in recent times. With the Vivo X21 the company created the first commercial mobile with a fingerprint sensor on the screen. Later, the Vivo APEX would start to make the retractable camera fashionable, something that would later become massive in the Vivo Nex.

In a slightly more conservative movement the company has shown on its website a new model, the I live X23, the successor of the X21 we have talked about before.

At the moment this smartphone has not been officially presented, something that is expected to occur in the first weeks of September.

It is striking that you choose to leave the camera visible, creating a small notch in the front area. Unlike the Nex, there is no motorized part.

The fingerprint sensor is also maintained on the screen, opting for the fourth generation of it, faster and more accurate than its predecessors. It does not occupy a large area, simply the specific area indicated.

This screen will be, according to the company, 91.2% of the surface of the front area, which implies having quite contained edges, although the lower one is still somewhat larger than the other three.

In the rear area we will have a double camera with artificial intelligence, one of whose sensors has wide angle, such as the cameras of the LG G7 or Moto X4, to give two examples.

In that same area we will see a color design based on the 3D glass that has become so fashionable, that allows to create gradient designs of colors on a glazed surface.

At the moment we do not know what its specifications or its price will be, although everything points to mid-range features with a cost of about $ 400 to change, but we will have to wait to confirm it.