The iPhone will be affected by Trump's rates starting next Sunday

The iPhone will be affected by Trump's rates starting next Sunday


As of next Sunday, December 15, import products from China to the United States will face a 15% rate. Among them, is included the Apple iPhone, whose manufacture is usually made in China.

But Donald Trump's product import tariffs do not imply that China will pay millions and millions of dollars to the coffers of the United States. In fact, from China they have not paid even 1 dollar throughout history due to these rates. And it is that those who end up paying these rates are usually American companies and / or consumers.

By manufacturing a large part of their devices in China, from Apple they have the possibility to decide if they want to pay a part of the fees or the total. So far, the signature of the bitten apple has absorbed the total cost of rates (in the United States) on products such as Apple Watch. But other companies prefer to add an additional cost to their products so that it is the consumers who pay the import tariffs for goods.

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The trade war between the US and China

From China they hope to reach an agreement with the US government before the next round of import rates takes effect. Ren Hongbin, assistant to China's trade minister, mentioned that he wants both parties to continue negotiations with equality and mutual respect.

The two passes are in "phase one" of the talks, negotiations that will stop both parties continue to increase the cost of import fees and other trade restrictions. Something that obviously would favor the interests of consumers of products such as Apple's iPhone, for example.