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The best running apps for your Android phone

He Running Not only is going outside and running without a ton or are, you have to prepare the routes, see how many kilometers you have run and monitor many more things if you really want to know your capabilities and your processes. That's why helping you with your mobile phone is the most comfortable, since it is a device that is always good to wear when running. Either by seeing your route or to have a method of communication in case of emergency.

Without further ado, these are the best running apps for Android.

Strava: Track Running – A classic of running apps

A classic in running apps isStravaThis app allows us to keep track of our activities. The app itself analyzes your performance on the route you take. You can also put personal challenges to motivate and compete against yourself.

You can also see the publications of other athletes to be inspired by routes or more.

Strava running apps

Strava GPS: racing and cycling

Strava GPS: racing and cycling

Runtastic – Adidas Running

Another of the apps that has a lot of popularity is Adidas,RuntasticThis app allows us to register our activities and set goals. It also allows us to participate in challenges, share our advances and more. It even allows us to track and manage our shoes!

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adidas Running by Runtastic - Running and fitness

adidas Running by Runtastic - Running and fitness

RunKeeper – Run and walk

To save routes, routines and more,RunKeeperit is ideal. Save your routes and choose when running. If you don't do it, nothing happens, you can monitor your new route with average speed and similar. You can also check the weather from the app itself.

RunKeeper - GPS Running Walking