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The 2G network shutdown will be completed in Mexico later this year

Mobile networks are a topic that currently resonates too much due to the arrival of internet services for the home and the next launch of the new 5G generation.

It is normal that with the arrival of new technologies we have to get rid of others to make use of that infrastructure in order to improve services and they are beginning to do so in Mexico Movistar and AT&T Telcel has long since with the migration of users who still have a 2G device towards 3G.

The number of users an is large

According to the data, they are currently 27 million users those who make use of the 2G network. Given this, both companies declared Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT) who have planned to contact these people to offer them a plan with which they can make a change in an efficient and accessible way.

Some of the actions that have been raised are:

  • Restrict import of 2G devices to Mexico
  • Eliminate VAT from low-end 3G devices
  • Provide a subsidy for the acquisition of a 3G device

I am sure that more than one of us know someone who still uses one of these terminals. It would be interesting if you did not comment on whether any of these companies are addressing you or your acquaintances regarding this situation, which is apparently going to be quite controlled. It remains to be seen what will be done with that large number of devices that cease to operate throughout the year, 27 million is no small matter.

Do you still have a 2G device? Tell us what is in the comment box, we are reading.

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