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Samsung will have sold a million Galaxy Fold

Samsung will have sold a million Galaxy Fold 1

The field of foldable smartphones is in paales, however much we already have several terminals in the market. Getting one of these devices is a risk that seemed not to be many users willing to run, not in vain we talk about very expensive devices and quite likely to be damaged.

This however has not discouraged a large number of Samsung fans, or that seems according to the words of the president of Samsung Electronic, Young Sohn, who will have stated in an interview with TechCrunch that company will have sold a million Samsung Galaxy Fold.

A million Fold are already on the streets

Despite all the buts there is no doubt that the Galaxy Fold is a very attractive device, both in its futuristic design and in the possibilities it offers. However, to be honest it is a figure that I personally do not expect will be reached so soon, even more when in October figures of half a million units were given.

Samsung new form factor

With these figures it is not surprising that the company already thinks of new folding devices, even more if it is finally possible to improve the durability of its screens, the main obstacle for its sale for many users, more than a fairly high price.

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