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Samsung increases the battery capacity of the Galaxy S11

We are at the gates of a new year and this means that Samsung You have your new version of your most famous model ready. As usual, they have already begun to filter things. In today's case we have very interesting details about the battery of the Galaxy S11, how now you will see being of great capacity.

Remember that this model will be announced within the framework of the next edition of the Mobile World Congress. At ActualApp we already have our accreditations to attend the event and we really want to stop by the Samsung stand. In fact it is one of the largest and busiest in the congress.

How to be the battery of the Galaxy S11?

Very big, but let's go in parts. As you know in the design of a telephone many people intervene. This makes it very easy for someone to filter characteristics of the terminal on one or another website. But it is also that once finished, the smartphone must go through different regulatory agencies And this also gives us enough information.

In fact it has been through one of those regulatory bodies that we have been able to discover how to be the battery of the Galaxy S11 in all its variants. Here you have all the details:

Galaxy S11: 4,500 mAh

Galaxy S11 +: 5,000 mAh

Galaxy s11e: 3,800 3,900 mAh

How did you stay? Think that this is much more than what we found on the Galaxy S10 (3,400 mAh) or Galaxy S10 + (4,100 mAh). You already know that this element is one of the most sensitive of any smartphone and we are sure that Samsung will have worked a lot in this aspect.

Why do you need such a big battery?

This is one of the million dollar questions. We do not have any information that points to the size of the smartphones will increase. If so, it will be logical since the larger a terminal is More space is available for the battery and it is worth taking advantage of.

In this case everything indicates that we will have a camera with more than 100MP resolution and with a chip that you may need a significant amount of energy. Let's not fool ourselves, the Galaxy s11's battery can last more than one day. Therefore maybe increase the capacity but not the duration of it. Although of course, this is already a speculation that we have done in the newsroom.

What do you think? You know we love hearing your opinions. You can leave us a comment just below these lines. In a couple of months, during MWC 2020 we can get out of doubt. Long live Samsung!

Source: Sammobile