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Patent of a Dual-HTC Tablet

In the middle of this week of iPads and iPhone OS 4, this perfect news emerges to round out the story. Apparently HTC has filed a patent in which you can see a dual screen tablet.

As you can see, it reminds a lot of the Microsoft Courier (which by the way looks great) but with the best added value: Android. I imagine being browsing or playing while I have on the screen on the left I have Touiteur and LiveScores giving me news. Also read a book with Aldiko double screen and even use one of the screens as a keyboard while we see the mail in the other. Infinite possibilities 🙂

I only ask you one thing, with the launch of the iPad, as my partner Paolo predicted, has unleashed the euphoria of tablets. So before launching to buy anything, give some time that very good gadgets will arrive.

Apple does things well, but they are certainly not the best, and that Android will prove it.

Via Phandroid